Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whew! Where to start? It's been a long while since I made time to blog! I'm still working 12 hour shifts, in addition to have started working agency as well. That in itself has been a whirlwind! The money is awesome, but the short notice to go in and the cancellations after arriving are downfalls. Luckily, I've only been cancelled one time since starting. I'm compiling a list of Do's and Don'ts for agency LPN's. Some, or rather most of the tips, can apply no matter if you are a CNA, an LPN or even an RN. These are just a few things/ideas I have thought of, I'm sure you can think of things to add.
     Meanwhile, at my full time job, we have had lots of nursing turnover the past 6 months or so. This may be the norm for most LTC facilities, but not ours. The only way I even got my job was due to a day shift LPN going back to school and a night shift LPN moved into her position. Our average LPN has been at our facility for 5 plus years. So when I say turnover is rare for us, it is. We have gone through lots of RN's as well. We had one leave, one get promoted to the ADON position, and have hired so many fresh out of school RN's that  have come and gone before I could even learn their names!
     Me and the hubby have finally managed to get all 6 of the boys in school, the baby started kindergarten, then we have one in 4th grade, 5th drade, 7th grade, 8th grade and a Senior. So, the agency money will definitely come in handy this year!
   I'm looking forward to attempting to make time to do more writing, both here on the blog, as well as getting back into being a contributing writer for Scrub's Magazine and Yahoo. I've got plenty to write about, just not enough time in the day to get it done! I hope you enjoy the following list, and maybe we can even read it again if it makes it to Scrub's or Yahoo!

Do's and Don'ts for Agency Nurses:

*Show up on time or even a little early
*Ask your agency about uniforms/colors
*Be polite to everyone
*Ask plenty of smart questions
*Have a confident, positive attitude
*Confirm your appointment the shift before you're due
*Be open and willing to learn new things like computer systems-the more you know the better your chances of getting placed more often
*Take careful notes when given report
*Make time to introduce yourself to your CNA's, they are your lifeline!
*Keep in touch with your agency, don't just sit and wait for them to call you
*Do give your agency feedback on your assignments-do you want to go back, do you not want to go back and why?
*Be open minded and flexible enough to try new ideas, yours may not always be what works best
*Bring your own supplies such as scissors, tape, stethoscope and a name badge with your first name and title on it

*Be late
*Dress slouchy, i.e. wrinkled or worn out scrubs
*Be rude or cocky to staff
*Don't assume you know everything-you don't!
*Do't accept assignments for areas you are not comfortable or competent in, this could land you in trouble, cause you to be placed on a facilities "DNR" (do not return) list, and it makes your agency look bad. Be honest with yourself and your agency about which areas you are comfortable working
*Don't discuss your agency pay with regular staff members, this is not only unprofessional, but can cause extra resentment leading to them not being willing to help you out when you need it
*Don't use your cell phone unless it is an emergency
*Don't get caught up in gossip about any facility, people know if you blab about everywhere else, you'll blab about them or their facility
*Don't skimp on your documentation--We all learned the proper way to chart in nursing school, and remember, your documentation is your only defense in CYA!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I am so glad that Spring is finally here! I know we had a mild winter even for Mississippi standards, but spring and summer have always been my favorite times of year! I enjoy getting to actually see daylight on the days I work, because right now, even with the recent time change, it is dark when I leave for work in the mornings and it is dark when I get off work at night. I just am ready for some weather that is welcoming for outdoor activities! Tired of getting asked if I am sick because of the "winter tan" that I keep lol.

I am enjoying work since coming to day shift in December, but it is very stressful and busy. Some days I feel like there is just so much work to get done in those 12 hours that it is overwhelming, but somehow it always ends up getting done before I leave work. I cherish the days I had at work like yesterday, where it was calm and slow for a change and I was able to get caught up on things that have been needing to get done for a while, but none of us have had the spare time to get it accomplished. I just know that our pharmacy is looking forward to coming in to work this morning and seeing all the faxes I sent yesterday with profile changes lol. But, it is something that needed to be done and now it is.

I know of several friends that are out on medical leave right now due to various illness/ailments for either themselves or family members and am sending out prayers for all of them and the families involved. Here's to hoping for better health for everyone now that the dreary wintertime is over and a new season is upon us!


Just to catch up, my last post was published both on Scrubs Magazine and on Yahoo as a Yahoo Contributor. I was very excited to become accepted as a contributor for the Yahoo Network! But, as usual, life got busy and I wasn't able to do any writing again for a while. I will try to come up with something soon, it takes being "inspired" for me to be able to come up with good, publishable things lol. Here is the link to the Yahoo for this latest content:

Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Things Nurses Have GOT to Stop Doing at Work:

Here is my latest submission for publication. I would love any feedback! I'll let you know if and when it gets to print!

10 Things Nurses Have GOT to Stop Doing at Work:

1.  Stop gossiping about each other at work.
Gossiping can be fun when it is done all in jest. But when you are gossiping about a co-workers love life, job performance, ect, it is unprofessional and just plain hurtful. Remember, the one gossiping WITH you will be gossiping ABOUT you.

2. Stop wearing scrubs that don't fit.
Why in the world a nurse would want to wear scrubs so tight that just scream, "Yeast infection in progress!" is beyond me. And wearing tops that show the girls to everyone looking (willingly or not)! We nurses have a hard enough time with the way Hollywood is portraying us, without us reinforcing the "naughty nurse" image.

3.  Stop talking/texting in front of patients and/or family members
  We all live with our cell phones so we can be available to family while at work, but use some professionalism and common courtesy! A patient or their family members do not want to hear about your night out on the town or even (gasp!) if your own family members are sick. They are in the hospital/clinic to get better and need our full attention.

4.  Stop showing off those tattoos.
Believe me, as the proud owner of 8 tats, I still have all of mine in places that are neither vulgar or visible when wearing my scrubs. Even though it seems everyone and their granny has tats these days, the sight of them still project a  less than professional image. And for Pete's sake (and your own) don't get a tattoo on your face, neck or hands!

5.  Stop using street slang.
Even though young people get sick too, they are about the only ones that will understand you. It is unprofessional to talk slang to a patient. You bring down your I.Q. 50 points when you do this. (Yo, yo, yo--do me a solid dawg and start denudulating, aiiight?" Anyone over 18 is gonna to ask what language you are speaking. Just be professional! (Ma'am, you can get dressed now.)

6.  Stop eating/drinking/chewing gum while talking to people.
Yes, this even includes co-workers. Table manners have just gone out the window these days, and believe me, I know how rushed we nurses are to eat, but trying to educate a patient on anything while chewing food, or gum and slurping on a drink  is only going to allow the patient to remember how loud those onions smelled on your burger.

7.  Stop being rude.
One would think this would be an automatic, but apparently, like table manners, regular manners have also flown out the window. What ever happened to "May I help you?" Instead of "What cha' need?" Being polite leaves a much more profound impression on your patients and their family members. And when a patient is satisfied from being treated with respect, that makes you look good as well as your facility.

8.  Stop being "too cool" for others.
We all know we are going to have our personal cliques at work, but seriously, isn't it time we put the "nurses eat their young" saying to rest? If you are a new nurse, for God's sake, ASK for help. We have experience for a reason--we have been nurses and most likely been there, done that. On the same token, if you are a seasoned nurse, don't just stand there and smile at that know-it-all newbie when they are struggling. Offer some assistance. Be nice to them. You were the newbie once upon a time.

9.  Stop coming to work looking a hot mess.
We all know when that certain co-worker has a night out on the town planned (other than by hearing her blab about it on her cell in the hall) because she comes to work with that head scarf on to protect her 'do, has those claws for nails that  aren't allowed to be worn to work for infection control reasons, all blotchy faced from the face mask she had to do before work so her pores will shrink before the date tonight and so on. Your co-workers aren't all morning people, some don't need that kind of shock so early in the morning.

10. Stop being so hard on yourself.
We are nurses. That makes us human, and humans make mistakes. The last time there was a perfect person, he got crucified for it. So let's face it. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to learn from them. You are going to do better next time. So unless you actually, ya know, caused someone to do the death polka, learn to forgive yourself and move on. After all, if you aren't willing to forgive yourself, why should your patient?

Friday, April 8, 2011


Here I am getting ready to work another weekend at Granny's House on the Hill. I love my job, I really do. I just am looking forward to another vacation sometime soon. I think it is time for me and the hubby to get some quality alone time. Maybe a mini-vacation will do us good.
 I have a friend that is a mere weeks away from going to NYC at making his recording dream at Sony Records come true! I am so excited for him!
  We got jerseys last night at Tball practice, are scheduled to take pics in the morning. At 8:15. This is ridiculous! Oh well, hopefully I will get home from work in time. I'm glad the jerseys are red, they will fit in well with my Red Friday attire in support of the troops. I am looking forward to the games starting in one week! The kids did so good last night at practice!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ramblings of an LPN: My Testimony

Ramblings of an LPN: My Testimony: "I am sitting here at nearly 10p.m., just me and the 4 year old. It is so quiet except for the storm going on outside the window. It helps me..."

My Testimony

I am sitting here at nearly 10p.m., just me and the 4 year old. It is so quiet except for the storm going on outside the window. It helps me to reconnect with God and all his awesomeness. I am actually having a time of reflection right now. I look back on some of the silly and foolish things I have done over my years, and I am thankful that my God is a forgiving one. I know no matter what the sin or transgression, he will always welcome me back with open arms. I am thankful for this because He, along with more people than I care to mention, know my faults, my failures. He is the only one who not only forgives, but will forget and move on. Gently urging me to do the right thing. Allowing me to make my own stupid mistakes, and learn from them. I recently come to the realization that I was doing something wrong, and decided to make it right with my heart. I was conflicted by this decision and prayed on it feverishly. I am not one to question or ask God to give me a sign, but on my drive to work one day, I saw a sign that had to be put right in my path to answer my question. The sign simply said "do.rite." I mentioned it to a coworker who informed me this was a political sign for an upcoming election, but I know what it meant to me.  For those of you that know me personally, I am not usually such a vocal religious person. I suppose it is just my time to come to terms with my own salvation.
 I spoke with an old high school friend this morning. I found our roles reversed for a change. This person has been known to be the one reminding me the true glory it is to know God. But today I found myself saying things that I don't think I would have ever had the courage to speak out loud due to my past sins. I am always afraid that I will make Christians look bad to others if I am associated with them. I fear that people judge me and aren't willing to forgive and forget past transgressions and don't want to be a part of something that I belong to if this is how we all are. I am finally realizing that it doesn't matter what people here on Earth think of me, it is not for them to pass judgement. It is only for Him to do that. My school mate told me that I was an angel on earth for the things I do to help others, and my first comment was a scripture I learned as a child, "All fall short of the Glory of God, for all have sinned. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." As I typed those words, I was reminded that no matter what I have done in my past, God has forgiven me and accepts me as I am. God is still wanting me to be in his loving arms no matter what. I know that I have a place in Heaven waiting on me, and I thank God for allowing me the choice to decide to come to Him on my own. I am grateful he has allowed me time on this Earth to do this before it was too late.
 So, as I sit here in the quiet and reflect on the world going on around me, the sound of the rumbling thunder and the flashes of lightening the light of the sky, I am humbled to say I am a Christian. For all my real friends that have prayed relentlessly for my salvation, I thank you and ask you to not stop now.