Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back in the groove of things

Well I finally got used to working on my new hall. I have learned to absolutely LOVE it! My new patients are so quiet and content, I just don't know how to act! I am finally used to their meds now and med pass goes smoothly for me. I am learning to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things instead of being so stuck in my routine both professionally and personally. I went shopping alone last week for the first time. It was nice to get out of the house without any kids. It was strange and I had some guilt over it; but I soon got over that!  Our administrator recognized me at our last faculty meeting--for commenting on an article. In his own words "he missed the boat on that one." My friends made fun of me for correcting him on the fact that I wrote the article. But if I'm gonna be recognized at least it can be for the right thing!

This is my weekend off and so far I am enjoying it! Today I have plans of doing nothing and taking all day to do it! I did take pleasure in going outside with the kids and watching them clean the yard and cut the grass around the house so I can use the riding mower on it later when I am ready to get out of the house again. A friend of mine remarked that I shouldn't have to cut the grass with 6 boys and a husband, but I had to clarify that only one that fits on a riding mower at  a time so it is peaceful for me. Plus I know it gets done right. I have seen the handy work of the kids cutting grass and it's not a pretty thing. I am thinking I will go do some grocery shopping and cook something I want to eat today. Since my daughter has been doing most of the cooking after I leave for work; I have been eating a lot of Subway salads.  It will be nice to eat some real food for a change! Well I hope the week goes well for you and me both!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting ready for the weekend at work

I am so excited that I was published again in Scrubs Magazine. Here is the link:

It is my weekend to work again. I am looking forward to it because it gives me 3 days in a row of getting better acquainted with my new hall. I think I should have it down pat by the end of the weekend. The kids were excited to get their soccer uniforms yesterday. It made the 3 year old actually play the whole time! I will add pics later. Everyone should get to see how cute my baby of 7 is! He is still pure evil, but at times (esp. when he is sleeping) he is the most adorable angel in the world! My husband is down for the count with a sinus infection. He broke down and took a night off from work and went to see the doctor this morning. He is currently laid out on the couch because he had to get two shots. He thinks he is dying. I try to assure him that as a nurse, I feel quite sure that he is going to make it, to which he replies, "You are supposed to make me feel better. You are a nurse. Why don't you treat me like you do those old people at work?"  To which I reply I am! He just wants to be a drama queen when he's sick. Well, hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soccer Mom

Well today is my day off so I get the pleasure of taking 4 of my boys and my oldest granddaughter to soccer today. It is their second game and I missed the first one on Tuesday. So I am excited about going. I plan to take the camera because the hubby isn't much of a photographer. Work has been going great since the hall change. I did work last night filling in on the other rotation and got to work my old hall. It was great to be back in comfortable territory where I know everyone and their meds! That was the earliest I have finished a med round in over a week! I know that by the end of this weekend I will have the new hall and their meds down pat and be able to speed up.  I did get to spend most of the morning at the doctor office after getting off work. Thank goodness for my phone with Facebook!!! I have a great phone, the HTC Hero, but I have yet to figure out how to use all the cool apps that can be downloaded to it. I am just happy to be able to go online and read Facebook and the gossip mags.

On a cooler note for me, is going to be publishing more of my humor lists. This one is for the CNA's. I hope ya'll enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Resident’s Perspective on CNA Training

I came across this blog today. I'm not sure how old it is, but it is definitely worth sharing! As a LPN in a SNF, we have all kinds of people working for us and some of the comments in this blog really rang true. Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what YOU think!

A Resident’s Perspective on CNA Training

Now, for me to vent a little. My patient care got called into question this morning. Needless to say it was not true, but that didn't make me feel any better. I personally think that my social skills with my patients is the top skill I possess followed by a close second to Pharmacology. So the longer I thought about it, (I have an hour drive home) the madder I became. I called back to work and talked to my DON who didn't really dismiss me, but basically said not to worry, if anything else came out of it she would talk to me in the morning when I get off work. That is 24 hours and a 12 hour shift from now. I have calmed down considerably, but I see now a major problem with the new hall change. That would be learning to work with new staff that doesn't know me and how I work. The people that have been working with me the past year would have NEVER tried to report this kind of garbage because they knew it wouldn't fly. So now comes the task of trying to look these two people in the eyes and let them know in the most professional way possible that I don't do drama and don't tolerate it from others around me either. I earned the title of being the "bitch" nurse on our rotation because from day one I didn't take bullshit from anyone and didn't accept poor work quality from those under me. Once they figured out that if they just did the job they are supposed to do, they have no problems out of me. Looks like I will have to go back into "bitch" mode once again for the new people working under me. I don't tolerate poor work quality and I don't tolerate people causing drama. If they have time to stand around and make up stories to tell then they aren't giving their patients the quality of care that Resident deserves. Now that I've said my piece maybe I will get some peace!

The weekend is over...

Well the weekend is now over and it's back to work for me. I am still enjoying the new hall, but am a little bit frustrated at myself that it is taking me so long to catch on to my new patients' meds. I don't recall being this slow to learn meds before. But I know that it will come eventually. I do have some follow up work to catch up on, such as the new higher spandex blend sheets that are supposed to be ordered. I hate that I won't be the one getting to do the research to see how good they are going to be for the patients with the fragile skin. I will just have to leave that in the hands of my girl, K.
I do recall something that happened last week with a trusted CNA that made me see red. We had a fill in nurse working with us that night that has technically worked here longer than me, but I had never met her till that night. (I've been here almost a year) Well, the CNA went and got the other nurse to come check on one of MY patients that night. I was there; just in another room. I totally lost my cool and proceeded to tell the CNA that unless it is life threatening to never but never go get another nurse to see about one of my patients. She should come to me first. I know she didn't take being scolded too well, but they are my patients under my care when I am here. And I do not want another nurse I have never laid eyes on treating them. Sorry, but if I don't know you and work with you, I don't trust you. I take caring for my patients very serious and only want them to have the best care possible. Now the nurses I work with, I trust completely with my life and my license. Their training spans from 30 years of being a LPN to just got licensed in January. But since I helped to train K., I know how she thinks and operates. But some chic that came in tonight that hasn't seen my patients in God knows when? Not so much trust there I'm afraid.
I also checked out my TEN WAYS YOU KNOW YOU'RE A LPN on today. I was very disheartened to see what were obviously CNA's and nurses bashing each other. That's not what me or my writing is about. I fully believe in the concept of teamwork and so does the SNF where I work. Having been a CNA and being a LPN with no desire to upgrade anytime soon, I know it takes all of us pulling our own weight to make it happen. Our residents are very happy living here and it is due to the positive attitudes around here. I hope that helps to clarify for those that commented. The SNF is just not going to be the environment people want to live in without the concept that it takes all of us to make it work. Well, I'm off for now. I hope you have a great day, I know I plan to!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The weekend off!

I am so excited to have a weekend off! I also found out today that Scrubs Magazine published some of my work! You can see it by following this link:  My weekend has started off great so far. I took my granny to her last physical therapy appointment following a pelvic fracture a while back. Then I got to take her to the Piggly Wiggly. It's been a while since I was in there. Sorry, but I prefer  Wal-Mart for the convenience and price. :( 

Well, I have just about worried myself sick over stressing about changing halls at work. I started Wednesday night and last night; and let me tell you; I was stressing for nothing! I am enjoying the change so much! It is almost like a vacation it is so much easier on the new hall! I guess I was so used to my hall and the demands from my patients that it didn't seem hard. But since the change, I am enjoying getting familiar with the new patients and CNA's. It does make me feel great that my patients are letting the nurse know that "she has some big shoes to fill working behind Rachael". I miss them already!

Another thing I am excited about is that I talked to our Administrator about trying out some new sheets that have a higher Spandex content in them to prevent coming off the mattress and wrinkling. With so many residents with fragile skin and bedbound; we are always looking for new ways to help prevent skin breakdowns. I am thankful to work in a facility where the Administration is willing to try new things. I am learning from the hall change that being open minded can be a good thing!

I am planning on taking the kids to the zoo in the morning. We plan to meet some friends over there so the kids can visit and the adults can catch up with one another. It's always great to actually SEE friends instead of just chatting via text or Facebook.
 However; the last time we saw these friends it was on a camping trip. It didn't work out so well. They have 1 child; so we're still having our doubts if they qualify as parents or not haha! We have 7 kids and two grandchildren living at home with us; so camping is an adventure. It is actual camping in a tent; not an RV. My husband is an Eagle Scout, so we always follow the rules about camping and tying knots and fires and cleaning. We I say we, I mean I sit in a chair and watch them pitch the tent and build the fire and clean up before we leave. I tell them I earned that right by being born a girl. Although; thanks to having 6 boys, I have learned to pitch a 3 room tent in the dark very well. Camping out in the backyard is a common occurrence for our kids.

Well, I am off to start my weekend now that the bus has ran and the kids have piled in the house and the peace and quiet is officially over for this long weekend. Have a great weekend, I know I plan to!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time for work again!

It has been a great two days off! I am excited and nervous to go back to work tonight to see how the rotation is going to go. I am thankful that at least the crew I work with gets along great and we know we will have each others backs and be available for any questions. I did find out another one of my patients passed away on Monday, so that was heartbreaking. I am still very nervous for when a patient actually passes away while I'm at work. That will be a first for me.

   I was looking forward to lounging around the pool at my mother-in-law's house on my days off; but between sleep and the rain it didn't happen. I did get around to visiting my the grandparents. They had gotten used to me not working for the longest and calling and visiting almost daily, so I feel like I am neglecting them these days. Working at a nursing home really makes you appreciate your own grandparents. It is truly sad to see how many of the Residents either don't have local family or don't have family at all. That is one of the rewards of working there is knowing that your smile and being friendly can truly make someones day. I believe in smiling, which my friends will attest to! My husband on the other hand only sees "mom me" and wishes I were friendlier at home lol!

  Well, it is time to get the kids that aren't in school yet rounded up and do some grocery shopping for tonight while I am at work. You would be amazed at how there is "nothing to eat around here" when Mom isn't here to cook for them! Hope you have a great day--I know I plan to!