Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to catch up a little

Well, let's see if I can catch up from last week's post. I had an absolutely wonderful weekend off from work sitting at home doing, well, nothing. It is hard to do much more than relax with all these kids at home. Let's see; there is the 22-year old that moved back home with her hubby and 2 kids; then there is the 16-year old boy who doesn't like me to even tag him in photos on Facebook anymore. And we can't forget the 13-year old that is actually staying out of trouble so far this school year. Then comes the 11 year old and the 8-year old twins that have just started soccer this week twice a week. Which brings us the 3-year old a.k.a. The Spawn of Satan lol! He thinks he is ruler of the domain around here; and with two parents that work the night shift and his oldest sister babysitting during the day, his title is well earned. Did I mention all but the oldest are boys? No cheerleading and gymnastics for this soccer mom!
Well, now that we are caught up on home life, I will try to catch you up with work now. Monday brought me back to reality with my two sick patients that are in the same room. One is still hanging in there; only Lord knows how; and the other is doing her best to die first. Don't think older people don't have ways to be jealous of each other because they do! I got to train the new nurse the other night. That was interesting to say the least. As all LPN's know, we all have to find our own groove so to speak when it comes to doing our Med Pass; and I happen to be one of those nurses with OCD, so I kept catching him making faces behind my back. So hope me if we hadn't gone to nursing school together he would have caught hell from me! I don't think I have a severe case of OCD when it comes to work; I just happen to think there are two ways to do Med Pass--my way and the wrong way! So as you can imagine; he didn't fare too well following me. We did have our monthly mandatory meeting that I thought was last week. (I made it!) We had guest speakers talking about TB and Hep B. Fascinating, I know. Well, it is time for the weekend of work to start, so I will catch up with the details later.
Have a great one!

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