Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Days off are awesome!!

Well, the work weekend went great. Unfortunately, my patient that was barely hanging in there passed away the day before I went to work this weekend. I was pretty upset; I have had the same med cart for almost 8 months so I have gotten quite attached to my Residents. We still are planning on changing halls when I return on the first of the month; so that is bringing a lot a nervousness to all of us. We have to learn all the patients all over again and earn their trust. But, we love what we do, which is a rare find in my profession, so life will go on.
Soccer practice went good on Monday, the baby actually practiced for a change. The other kids did well. My youngest grand child is trying to learn to crawl so that is exciting at home. Also of note on my personal stuff is that Scrub's Magazine has accepted my writing to publish!! I am super excited about this. As of right now it is only a Top Ten list; but it is a foot in the door for me and I am ecstatic!!! I can't wait to see my stuff in print!
Well, supper time does not wait for my children, so I will catch you up later on how things are going! Have a great week, I know I plan to!

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