Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time for work again!

It has been a great two days off! I am excited and nervous to go back to work tonight to see how the rotation is going to go. I am thankful that at least the crew I work with gets along great and we know we will have each others backs and be available for any questions. I did find out another one of my patients passed away on Monday, so that was heartbreaking. I am still very nervous for when a patient actually passes away while I'm at work. That will be a first for me.

   I was looking forward to lounging around the pool at my mother-in-law's house on my days off; but between sleep and the rain it didn't happen. I did get around to visiting my the grandparents. They had gotten used to me not working for the longest and calling and visiting almost daily, so I feel like I am neglecting them these days. Working at a nursing home really makes you appreciate your own grandparents. It is truly sad to see how many of the Residents either don't have local family or don't have family at all. That is one of the rewards of working there is knowing that your smile and being friendly can truly make someones day. I believe in smiling, which my friends will attest to! My husband on the other hand only sees "mom me" and wishes I were friendlier at home lol!

  Well, it is time to get the kids that aren't in school yet rounded up and do some grocery shopping for tonight while I am at work. You would be amazed at how there is "nothing to eat around here" when Mom isn't here to cook for them! Hope you have a great day--I know I plan to!

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