Friday, September 3, 2010

The weekend off!

I am so excited to have a weekend off! I also found out today that Scrubs Magazine published some of my work! You can see it by following this link:  My weekend has started off great so far. I took my granny to her last physical therapy appointment following a pelvic fracture a while back. Then I got to take her to the Piggly Wiggly. It's been a while since I was in there. Sorry, but I prefer  Wal-Mart for the convenience and price. :( 

Well, I have just about worried myself sick over stressing about changing halls at work. I started Wednesday night and last night; and let me tell you; I was stressing for nothing! I am enjoying the change so much! It is almost like a vacation it is so much easier on the new hall! I guess I was so used to my hall and the demands from my patients that it didn't seem hard. But since the change, I am enjoying getting familiar with the new patients and CNA's. It does make me feel great that my patients are letting the nurse know that "she has some big shoes to fill working behind Rachael". I miss them already!

Another thing I am excited about is that I talked to our Administrator about trying out some new sheets that have a higher Spandex content in them to prevent coming off the mattress and wrinkling. With so many residents with fragile skin and bedbound; we are always looking for new ways to help prevent skin breakdowns. I am thankful to work in a facility where the Administration is willing to try new things. I am learning from the hall change that being open minded can be a good thing!

I am planning on taking the kids to the zoo in the morning. We plan to meet some friends over there so the kids can visit and the adults can catch up with one another. It's always great to actually SEE friends instead of just chatting via text or Facebook.
 However; the last time we saw these friends it was on a camping trip. It didn't work out so well. They have 1 child; so we're still having our doubts if they qualify as parents or not haha! We have 7 kids and two grandchildren living at home with us; so camping is an adventure. It is actual camping in a tent; not an RV. My husband is an Eagle Scout, so we always follow the rules about camping and tying knots and fires and cleaning. We I say we, I mean I sit in a chair and watch them pitch the tent and build the fire and clean up before we leave. I tell them I earned that right by being born a girl. Although; thanks to having 6 boys, I have learned to pitch a 3 room tent in the dark very well. Camping out in the backyard is a common occurrence for our kids.

Well, I am off to start my weekend now that the bus has ran and the kids have piled in the house and the peace and quiet is officially over for this long weekend. Have a great weekend, I know I plan to!

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