Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The weekend is over...

Well the weekend is now over and it's back to work for me. I am still enjoying the new hall, but am a little bit frustrated at myself that it is taking me so long to catch on to my new patients' meds. I don't recall being this slow to learn meds before. But I know that it will come eventually. I do have some follow up work to catch up on, such as the new higher spandex blend sheets that are supposed to be ordered. I hate that I won't be the one getting to do the research to see how good they are going to be for the patients with the fragile skin. I will just have to leave that in the hands of my girl, K.
I do recall something that happened last week with a trusted CNA that made me see red. We had a fill in nurse working with us that night that has technically worked here longer than me, but I had never met her till that night. (I've been here almost a year) Well, the CNA went and got the other nurse to come check on one of MY patients that night. I was there; just in another room. I totally lost my cool and proceeded to tell the CNA that unless it is life threatening to never but never go get another nurse to see about one of my patients. She should come to me first. I know she didn't take being scolded too well, but they are my patients under my care when I am here. And I do not want another nurse I have never laid eyes on treating them. Sorry, but if I don't know you and work with you, I don't trust you. I take caring for my patients very serious and only want them to have the best care possible. Now the nurses I work with, I trust completely with my life and my license. Their training spans from 30 years of being a LPN to just got licensed in January. But since I helped to train K., I know how she thinks and operates. But some chic that came in tonight that hasn't seen my patients in God knows when? Not so much trust there I'm afraid.
I also checked out my TEN WAYS YOU KNOW YOU'RE A LPN on http://www.scrubsmag.com today. I was very disheartened to see what were obviously CNA's and nurses bashing each other. That's not what me or my writing is about. I fully believe in the concept of teamwork and so does the SNF where I work. Having been a CNA and being a LPN with no desire to upgrade anytime soon, I know it takes all of us pulling our own weight to make it happen. Our residents are very happy living here and it is due to the positive attitudes around here. I hope that helps to clarify for those that commented. The SNF is just not going to be the environment people want to live in without the concept that it takes all of us to make it work. Well, I'm off for now. I hope you have a great day, I know I plan to!

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