Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting ready for the weekend at work

I am so excited that I was published again in Scrubs Magazine. Here is the link:

It is my weekend to work again. I am looking forward to it because it gives me 3 days in a row of getting better acquainted with my new hall. I think I should have it down pat by the end of the weekend. The kids were excited to get their soccer uniforms yesterday. It made the 3 year old actually play the whole time! I will add pics later. Everyone should get to see how cute my baby of 7 is! He is still pure evil, but at times (esp. when he is sleeping) he is the most adorable angel in the world! My husband is down for the count with a sinus infection. He broke down and took a night off from work and went to see the doctor this morning. He is currently laid out on the couch because he had to get two shots. He thinks he is dying. I try to assure him that as a nurse, I feel quite sure that he is going to make it, to which he replies, "You are supposed to make me feel better. You are a nurse. Why don't you treat me like you do those old people at work?"  To which I reply I am! He just wants to be a drama queen when he's sick. Well, hope you have a great weekend!

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